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Memory board for loved ones who've passed on... should re-do one for all the other's in each of our families that would have loved to come, but can't due to God needing them & being called home to watch over and protect us.

And to think, when their little eyes opened, the first thing they saw was the face of Jesus. -God knew that you too were to special for earth. I'm one lucky mommy Taylor & Alex that God would see my babies as to special and wonderful that He had to keep you up there:)

I miss a lot of people from my life

27 yrs. you were my life. Then our child was born, 23 yrs is too short, then came the best... 20 months wasn't enough. Now you're all gone. I want to be gone too. Please God... Why did you leave just me. They were my life.

When you've been sad for so long that when something bad happens you don't cry, you just sit there and feel numb.

Loss. Love. and Motherhood. still trying to figure this one out, I do miss being a mom.

Miss my son, dad, and sister-in-law so much.

This is a good way to describe a real broken heart. I know deep inside I cant ever be that sad again.

Ever had a memory that sneaks out of your eye, and rolls down your cheek... ♥

sad..all the time...and the bad news just keeps on coming! sigh...

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