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Joy of Anticipation

Joy of Anticipation

Dilbert comic strip for 11/18/2012 from the official Dilbert comic strips archive.

An engineering question asked by a one-percenter who hired homeless guy to put up Xmas lights.

This would easily make my top 10 of best days

Dilbert comic strip for from the official Dilbert comic strips archive.

Checklist: the 5 secrets to winning at office politics

A Fort Madison man posted a 'Dilbert' cartoon at work that compared people making decisions to 'drunken lemurs.

August 2009

For National Boss Day, Dilbert creator Scott Adams searched the archives and chose his 10 favorite Pointy-Haired Boss comic strips.

Apps and their consequences - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Created by Scott Adams, Dilbert is about the world's most famous -- and funny -- dysfunctional office.