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Explore Minimal Intrusion, Reconfigures, and more! An example of responsive web design -- the site reconfigures itself based on size of browser window. Also note the minimal intrusion of ads.

The ancient forms of pueblo revival style appear in this Taos, New Mexico, house that's full of technology and aimed at sustainability. The soft forms meet the landscape and sky with minimal intrusion, and canales pierce the parapets, stamping their trademark shadow under the bright desert sky. houzz

FCW -- Budget shows how cyber programs are spreading: Investment in #cybersecurity may be a foregone conclusion at the Defense and Homeland Security departments, but a closer look at the fiscal 2014 budget shows increasing investment at a number of other agencies as well.

Boston Globe goes deep on the manhunt for the Marathon bomb suspects: "102 HOURS IN PURSUIT"

"IT WAS 'WAY TOO LOW'" and a smoke-filled scene from the Oakland Tribune

A great photo of Phelps for this record medal. Very bold. No one is going to miss this page in the rack. Coming out over the mast is a great touch, too.

Love this conceptualization. Plastic clam shells feel EXACTLY like barbed wire. #loveit