Yes it is. ALL life should be celebrated AS A GIFT from GOD, for that's exactly what it is...

From another pinner: "This baby is a preemie, she was born at 24 weeks old. Every year 30,000 babies are aborted at exactly this age. Still think she's not human?"

Everyone smiles in the same language

Quote from a retired Disney Princess

These figures are most likely conservative, as well. HEINOUS. And the liberals hold that evil Satanist, Margaret Sanger, founder of the kill centers, planned parenthood, up as a woman to be admired and emulated. DEMENTED.

Every life has value.

I want God, not my idea of God. C.S. Lewis

So true!

You Are Simply Amazing

God's miracle, and gift to you.

IDSC for Life

Pro Life. Love this.

Beyond true.


Most precious gift