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    Friendship - especially women friendships are very important to her. She longs to spend more time with them, but loves how they can pick up where they left off no matter how much time has passed.

    to all the friends ive made in the past 18 yrs of life if we are close or are not please know i love you and im still looking out for no matter what..

    I don't need words to express... I don't need tears to shed...I don't need to ask for a smile...or a hand to hold me...All I need is to be your friend forever

    From elementary to middle, then high school, and long after high school!! Love ya @Carla Boze

    VERY true and I couldn't agree more. This has brought out the "real" BESTIES in my life. While I might not have necessary lost friends, we've parted and other friendships have strengthened.

    Hawk from our local park. Here's to ~Divine Friendship~ !

    Hmm, never really thought about this. I have a few close friends but I can get along with almost anyone if I want to...

    I have found this to be true. I only have a few very close friends and they are more like my sisters.