Head band

Glittery barrettes as a cute gift idea OR when you are in need of matching accessories...you could use the same nail polish to paint old earrings, bracelets, etc.

Easy and cute! Now I don't have to fail at tying the ribbon around my head anymore. :P

The fastest way to make a friendship bracelet.

pink and leopard.

Braided Fabric Headbands

my new obsession...homemade head bands!!

Easy Fishtail Braid

DIY braided headband

Girls Lace Headband With Bow – dashingbaby.com

1. Put on the headband. Try to find one that is not too tight on your head since it will then slip up easier. Don´t worry if it slips up a bit now, you will fix that later. 2. Take all of the hair (or if you want to leave a few shorter pieces in the front do that) and roll it around the headband. Arrange it nicely and tuck down the hair some more where needed. 3. Secure with bobbypins, especially if you are a bit flat headed like me. This is for extra security so the headband will stay put.

hair pin

Easy Screenprint technique

Recycled T-shirt knotted Headband!

Easy flip flop makeover


That's awesome!!

Embroidery Thread Necklace | 31 Cheap And Easy Last-Minute DIY Gifts They'll Actually Want

braided t-shirt scarf

Braided crown with a gorgeous turquoise headband

Cheap foam blocks + paint = beautiful, inexpensive kitchen mat. Great replacement for those costly chef's mats!