Baggy Rack. Awesome!!

Detailed Decorating Pen

so handy

Baggy Rack.

@Brittany Reeves

I need one of these!!

digital measuring jug

Speakers that can go throughout the house. >> Cool!

Best idea ever. I NEED SOME!

WHERE can I get this???

hahahahaha sticky note watches!

Garlic Prep ’n Store, Casabella Garlic Chopper, Garlic Slicer | Solutions

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Brilliant. Baggy Racks


Garlic more smelly hands while crushing garlic!

Waterproof Notepad & Pencil Set.

Clear toaster allows you to see when it is toasted perfectly.

Keep the mess off the counter!

I want one! This would make straining the grease/fat/juice off so much easier!