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A re-pin I know but it's so true and I hope you see how I prove it to you each and everyday... I need you and your love in my life forever...

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I love the way you kiss me. I will never question if you are still attracted to me, as long as you keep kissing me the way you do...that's the only moment I feel beautiful.

You will forever be my always. JRW

I LOVE this. Joe sent this to me and I have it on my desk top!!

oh lshs chorale<3

Verras je geliefde met één van deze sexy good morning quotes.

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"I can't promise to fix all your problems ..." Nice sentiment for the bride and groom.

What a great text to send him....Even though you are married, it is still fun to flirt with him...went to Starbucks after a movie and we sat, talked, and flirted for the longest and giggled the whole way home...

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I love you JRW

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