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Okay, Arguments are verbal. No spelling. And They spelled arguments wrong in Dude. Not all arguments are verbal.

Excuse me while i bawl like a baby...

It's especially painful because everyone in the picture looks so happy and George is just like "Can you believe this Fred.

Draco malfoy hahahahahaa I cried I laughed so hard

Draco's only comeback "Wait Until my Father hears about this" I mean it's not so bad till you get to like the fifth movie and he's still saying wait till my father hears about this

So true

yelling "stay" at an inatimate object that keeps falling over as if it's going to listen to you. that creepy moment when it stays after you say it. then you thank it :D lol yes this is pretty much the story of my life

Harry Potter facts - Emma knows her stuff

Hermione would want more books. Emma heard Hermione & told Stephanie McMillan, the set director, who gladly took the suggestion to heart. Its so hermione of her.


reading harry potter and only felt as I am not done. Just started 6 and I have felt number 6 for while still but maybe it's about to change and I think OMG JUST DO IT

LORD OF THE RINGGSSSS!!! the funny thing is i actually thought that when i first saw the thing at the top #TrueRinger

The meaning of ‘one…’