Rabbit by Gelitin via designyoutrust: A 55 meter knitted rabbit in residence in the Alps near Genoa, Italy, since 2005 and intended to stay there until 2025. #Rabbit #Gelitin #Genoa #designyoutrust #XL

melting men Berlin

Mona Lisa Made from 3604 Cups of Coffee

when it comes to knitting there’s not much bigger than this 200-ft long pink bunny rabbit. The sculpture was knitted by a team of women under the direction of Gelitin, an Italian art collective and placed on the slope of a mountain in northern Italy. It’ll be there until the year 2025, barring some giant alien kid noticing it and throwing a tantrum.

Classical sculptures dressed as hipsters look contemporary and totally refreshing

Clothes Pin by Mehmet Ali Uysal, Chaudfontaine Park, Belgium

Unbelievably Magnificent Surreal Sculptures

-anything for art- eliza bennett embroiders a self-inflicted sculpture into her flesh

The Bather - Unusual and Creative Statue and Sculpture Art

Italian Wine Regions Map: Want to visit an Italian winery someday, this is a map of wines grown in Italy.

"Swimming Pool" at The 21st Century Museum of Art of Kanazawa, Japan by Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich. Brilliant.

Giant fish sculpture made from discarded plastic bottles in Rio

Myeongbeom Kim produces otherworldly installations and sculpture works that juxtapose man-made elements with nature to create surreal dream spaces.

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Nine Breathtaking and Inspiring Pieces of Public Art | WebUrbanist

HAND-CROCHETED ART! Ok, its actually meant for children to play in, but you better believe my shoes would be off, and Id be in there in a heartbeat! This amazing installation was created by Japanese textile and fibre artist Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam. She is currently based in Halifax, Canada where she teaches fiber, fabric, fashion at NSCAD.




Gaylord Ho - bodies are not discreet, but engage in ongoing discourses with other bodies: they are both affective and effected