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This is a Tenmoku tea bowl made by Mr Teiichi Okeya who is a modern potter, famous with making Tenmoku tea bowls in Japan. He has created various tea bowls with his prominent technique. Please look at this rare and artistic design of Tenmoku tea bowl and add toyour collection.

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Larger Yunomi Tea Cup glazed with Teadust Tenmoku Mesmerizing glaze finish

Larger Yunomi Tea Cup glazed with Teadust Tenmoku by shyrabbit

This is a rare and fashionable tea bowl in Tenmoku style with a unique Shinsha(peacock)-yu in red called Kujaku tenmoku made by Mr Gaei Matsuyama 2nd (who owns his Kujyaku kiln in Hyogo prefecture.(kujyaku. Their unique design is called Kujaku-yu because its appearance looks like the wing of a peacock.

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Fabulous Five Set of Bowls

I love bowls.

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Vintage Large Porcelain Japanese Gold, Pale Turquoise and Floral Bowl


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Stig Lindberg Decorative Floral Pottery Bowl

Stig Lindberg's illustrations are irresistible (and collectible).

Item description : This is a characteristic Hagiyaki tea bowl with nothced food called Kiri-kodai made by Tenho kiln who is a famous Hagi-yaki manufacturer.

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Ceramic Spoons

These initially were intended to be created as Tea Spoons, but they ended up in various lengths and Spoon sizes. Each were hand built, stamped,

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Rier bowl

Rier bowl by Atelier Murmur