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  • 2011

    This is a Tenmoku tea bowl made by Mr Teiichi Okeya who is a modern potter, famous with making Tenmoku tea bowls in Japan. He has created various tea bowls with his prominent technique. Please look at this rare and artistic design of Tenmoku tea bowl and add toyour collection.

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This is a rare and fashionable tea bowl in Tenmoku style with a unique Shinsha(peacock)-yu in red called Kujaku tenmoku made by Mr Gaei Matsuyama 2nd (who owns his Kujyaku kiln in Hyogo prefecture.(kujyaku. Their unique design is called Kujaku-yu because its appearance looks like the wing of a peacock.

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Need to learn to make my own vs buying everyone else's.

Wood fired tea bowl. I WILL figure out how to get this result in oxidation!