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Brandie | The Country Cook

3-2-1 Mug Cake

  • Kara Hall
    Kara Hall • 1 year ago

    I am so doing this with chocolate!

  • Jocelyn Christensen
    Jocelyn Christensen • 1 year ago

    We love this at our house. Right now I have a chocolate one and we put a little caramel syrup on top.

  • Gloria McBeth
    Gloria McBeth • 1 year ago

    I love it with a dollop of ice cream on top right out of the microwave. We have tried many different flavors of cake mix and they all taste great!!

  • Brandie | The Country Cook

    The chocolate is really good too Kara! Love the idea of adding the caramel syrup on top - yum!

  • Lesa Parker
    Lesa Parker • 1 year ago

    Thank you so much for sharing.... I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!.....

  • Brandie | The Country Cook

    So great to hear Lesa - Yay!

  • Crystal Martinez
    Crystal Martinez • 1 year ago

    Oh Brandie thank you so much for this recipe! It makes 1 serving at a time! Brilliant!!!

  • Theresa Hickey
    Theresa Hickey • 1 year ago

    i tried it today and it works soo great n love it! will be doing this as often as i get the small craving for it! whoever came up with this idea THANKS!

  • Brandie | The Country Cook

    Yay! So glad y'all like this one! I always keep a bag of the mix in my pantry when I have a craving for just a bit of cake. :)

  • Gerri Clark
    Gerri Clark • 1 year ago

    This is perfect for our house. We have Lemon and creamy cheesecake frosting..The possibilites are unlimited..

  • Catherine Bradley
    Catherine Bradley • 51 weeks ago

    Here's a super quick one that really works from The Country Cook!

  • Marsha Trinwith
    Marsha Trinwith • 51 weeks ago

    Love This.. I Love Cake, but since I live alone, making a whole sheet cake isn't very smart as it gets hard before I can eat it all... but now I can have cake when ever I want and not heat up the house in the summer.. Love it Love it Love it..

  • Alyce Heidt
    Alyce Heidt • 50 weeks ago

    Thanks SO MUCH for the recipe! I will definitely try it...there are a lot of recipes on the country cook I would like to try...but cannot access the website...can you give me some instruction? Thanks so much!!

  • Marsha Trinwith
    Marsha Trinwith • 50 weeks ago

    Have you tried Google... type in.. The Country Cook or try typing in The country cook is one of the best cooking sites ever.. for me anyway.. her recipes are soooooooooo simple she shows step by step pictures of what to do... plus a picture of the ingredients you'll need.. there's no guessing on how to make whatever you want on her site.. and she also shows a picture of the finished product. love it. I think I've made everyone of her Poke Cakes.. Hope this helps and hope you can access her site... Let me know...

  • Kathy Denehey
    Kathy Denehey • 44 weeks ago

    Awesome idea, off to get some cake mix now to try this out

  • Alyce Heidt
    Alyce Heidt • 44 weeks ago

    Thanks Marsha for the recipe! I will try it!! Perfect for a single person!! :)