• Dawn Goshko

    A Turn to Learn: While this is an Elementary focused education blog, it does give a lot of really great technology tricks that secondary teachers might find useful as well

  • Bri Dazzle

    A Turn to Learn: Technology Tuesday! Tons of awesome techie tricks.

  • Kristin Ritter

    Classroom Freebies Too-Aug. 2

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225+ COMPLETELY EDITABLE planner templates and EXTRAS. An entire year's plans in ONE file. EASY to USE. Simplify your Life #Teacherplanner #planbook #planning

Kindergarten Morning Work, Guided Grp work, Independent work, or homework! AWESOME daily work for the entire year to build phonics, writing and math skills mastery!

Suncatcher craft for kids made from glue, food coloring, and recycled plastic lids BABBLE DABBLE DO

Strategies for how to keep refreshed as a teacher.

How about a writing journal for my kindergarten friends? It will help the little nuggets start writing and it even has prompts that will get them started with persuasive writing! It should even be helpful for some of you teaching firsties.

“A Bundle of Behavior Stories” contains five stories designed to teach and reinforce classroom behavior skills. These stories include • I Can Follow Directions • I Can Keep My Body Calm • I Can Stop and Think • I Can Use My Classroom Voice • I Am a Learner. Worksheets and visual supports are included. $

Mindful games for kids to help them slow down, pay attention and slow their busy minds.

ON SALE AUG 3-4: This 56-page download includes teacher directions, student probes, and recording sheets for early primary children. Monitor letter identification, letter sounds, rhyming, segmenting, blending, and more. $ #rti #assessments #progressmonitoring

Use laminated construction paper to teach personal space at the beginning of the year.

(On eliminating interruptions during group instruction)... Ask this student BEFORE interrupting me during reading groups or other small group instruction. This gives the students wearing the visors a leadership opportunity that most take very seriously.

FREE Decoding Strategy Posters: Melonheadz clipart meets the ever-popular decoding strategies. Download them for free. :)

How can we help a child who hits? Ideas and suggestions from www.picklebums.com What else would you add? How do you deal with a child who hits?

LEGO Calm Down Jar | 3 Ingredients and simple to make!

Great info graphic reminder of the steps of teaching a new skill. Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs: Instruct, Model, Practice, Praise

A Graphing We Will Go! 11 different graphing activities that will help you get to know your students a little better at the beginning of the year, but are flexible enough to be used year round! Contains 2 versions of each graphing activity! Graphs include, "What is your favorite ice cream?", "What color are your eyes?", "What is your favorite color?", "When is your birthday?" and more! $

I got this idea from another teacher. The kids love it. We talked about our names starting with the letter and it's called Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Look who's in our room...

I love the fence around this!

classroom organization for teacher's desk--use a kitchen dish strainer to hold files, pens, pencils, etc.

Hands-on retelling of the classic Little Red Hen story!

Kids Craft Ideas Using a Fork - Crafty Morning

easy idea for fluency practice- inflection

Time to get organized for a successful school year! For the 4th year now, these are trusted teacher binders that take the guesswork out of what to organize. You will SAVE TIME and can concentrate on the important stuff: teaching!! FREE yearly updates, CCSS and TEKS for you to easily add to your lesson plans, $ with over 20 designs, you'll find something to match YOU!

50 Beginning of the Year Activities, Ideas & FREEBIES!

Life size Lincoln Log cabin made out of pool noodles~ 15 pool noodles from the dollar store cut in half cut notches out. Great idea, they'll have fun building it too!