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Power Point Earth's Climate and Vegetation

Power Point Earth's Climate and Vegetation from Mrs. Mcs Shop on is a colorful, detailed 93-slide Powerpoint presentation. This is the tool you need to keep middle school geography students engaged in your lessons about climate.

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Teaching Ethos, Pathos, and Logos with Commercials

Teaching ethos, pathos, and logos? Use this power point to study real commercials and keep your students engaged.

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American Independence Day July Fourth Holiday Power Point Lesson

This 13 slide interactive powerpoint covers the History behind our American Independence Day and it includes traditions and favorites from the 4th

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Power Point -Teotihuacán, and the Aztec, Maya, and Inca


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Editable FREE Bright Polka Dot Monthly Calendars 2016-2017


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Free Christmas Unit Study Lesson Plan with Printables

Free Christmas Unit Study with 2 week lesson plan, power points, activities, and printables

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World War II (World War 2)

A PowerPoint Presentation covering World War II. Aligned with 5th Grade Social Studies Standards in Georgia. 100% Editable!

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Circles: A Look at Radius, Diameter, and Circumference

This is a two for one project! It comes with an interactive Power Point, an interactive printable packet, and a super cute project idea with pictures! Your kiddos will LOVE learning about radius, diameter, and circumference with this colorful lesson. :) $

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WWII World War Two COMPLETE UNIT for World History

$14 This is the complete 3-week unit for teaching World War Two in a World, U.S., or European History Class. Includes student-centered, collaborative ...

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6th Grade Math Growing Bundle

This is a growing bundle of all my 6th grade math materials in one convenient package. This includes all my worksheets, task cards, power point review games, holiday materials, and end of year review for 6th grade math. Most of these materials are differentiated with 3 levels. With a growing bundle, as new products are added, the bundle price increases but you do not pay for new products included in the bundle.

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Christmas Around the World

Christmas Around the World interactive mini readers for each country plus passport, enrichment activities and more...on sale monday and tuesday!

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U.S.A. Geography- A Bundled Collection

This collection provides a complete review of the United States. It provides practice for the states using latitude and longitude for locating them. The collection includes a power point, two games that can also double as task cards, and a series of worksheets that provide practice and quizzes. The preview is a combination of the previews for the four products included in the bundle. There is a saving of $2.00 purchasing this way.

Use editable standards checklists to get and STAY organized. Use Excel or Word, or just quickly add students' names and hit print. Digital and paper- the best of both worlds! $

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Countries of the World Bundle - 14 activities and copywork books

This is a bundle of 14 Countries of the World booklets to help your students practice their handwriting and learn about different countries around the world. Also a free passport is included where they can paste their passport stamps.

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World War I

Social Studies PowerPoint Lesson on World War I. (5th Grade Georgia)

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Appeasement and the Road to World War Two Package: 20+ Pages/Slides of Resources

The Road to World War Two: An in-depth and interesting overview of the events leading to the start of World War Two. The package also thoroughly covers the events early in the war from 1939 - 1940.

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September 11 - Speech Analysis by George W. Bush - Questions with Key (9/11)

This 6 page September 11th document contains the speech made by President George W. Bush on the evening of September 11th, 2001. The resource include a set of 5 questions wherein students are required to analyze the speech and its significance given the events of September 11th.

Freebie! If your students are anything like mine, they absolutely LOVE to have emergent readers about our units. This emergent reader is a great way to intr...