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This two page student survey includes 48 reflective questions designed to help you get to know your students at the beginning of the year. The Power Point format will allow you to add or delete questions, change the background, etc to customize the survey to your needs. $1.00

My Choices Today...note home to parents I really like this! make the student have accountability for their actions!

...great idea! It's important to get to know your students early on in the year, this will help to differentiate instruction, to find out the different learning styles of each student

Mount on newspaper and add a student picture to create a worthy hallway or student-of-the-month display. DIRECT LINK

Who Are You? survey to give to the students at the beginning of the year- can use to help you put together "An Important Book" about students @ end of year. Template for survey and important book free printables

Minds in Bloomfrom Minds in Bloom

Exploring "Would You Rather..." Questions

"Would You Rather..." Questions | Fun Get-To-Know-You idea for the first day of school!

Great for beginning of school year- Would have to modify this for high school students, but I have always thought this is a GREAT idea!

Five J's Homeschoolfrom Five J's Homeschool

Teaching Children How to Fill Out Forms

Although this says it is for kids, these are also great tips and ideas for helping adult learners learn how to fill out forms as well. Filling out forms is an important life skill that can help empower our students!

Letter from students to next year's students. I LOVE this as an end-of-the-year activity.

End of Year Activity I will definitely be doing this year! Each student writes one word that describes each of their classmates. Teacher then takes words and makes a word cloud as a gift for students.

Student information sheets are great tools to get to know your students and their history/family life. I will definitely be sending a worksheet similar to this home with my future students, because the more you know about them, the better you can help them to succeed.