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Ever heard of National Radio Day? Most people haven't. This wacky celebration is the first in a series of 10 Wacky Celebration kits. Students will think its a party, but they will still be meeting reading/writing/math/science skills (and more). With 13+ activities aligned to the US Common Core standards, this is sure to be a hit in your classroom for years to come! ($)

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Loser Unit Novel Study

Loser Teaching Novel Unit ~ Common Core Standards Aligned! So glad I found this because we read this in 4th grade each year!

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5th Grade Common Core Language Review

Common core alert! 20 weeks of spiral review for the 5th grade common core language standards!

Common Core Standards "I Can" Statements Math & ELA Bundle! - These posters cover every 5th Grade Math and ELA standard with fun, creative and multicultural illustrations with common sense common core language. Save a ton of time by using our pre-made posters! Buy now, print later, use forever! $12

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6th Grade Common Core Math Targeted Assessments MEGA Bundle

Now you can get Targeted Assessments for ALL FIVE STANDARDS in an easy-to-download Bundle AND $AVE 20%! WAHOO! Targeted Assessments are designed to give you the data you need about your students understanding of each indicator in all FIVE Common Core Standards for 6th Grade! Our questions that have been carefully crafted to ensure you fully assess each indicator!

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Common Core Posters - I Can Statements Math & ELA (5th Grade) - Half Page Size

SUMMER PROJECT! Create a common core standards resource for each table in the class. Students will become responsible for their own learning! Jason's Online Classroom has Common Core Posters for Grades K-5! Check them out $$:

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Back to School Ultimate Bundle

BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! Here they are, an amazing bundle of back to school goodies that will make back to school a breeze and help make this year the best year yet! Not only will the SIX items in this bundle will keep your students focused and engaged right from the first minute of school, they will also provides amazing end results that parents, colleagues, and administrators LOVE to SEE. ($)

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End of the year awards

End your school year by giving your students these 30 ready-to-print "Most Likely To" awards! They are sure to get your students laughing, and they will have an end of the year gift to remember you! All you have to do is print, sign/date, and you are done.

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Fact and Opinion Pack--Ancient Egypt Edition

These three Fact and Opinion activities will help your students practice this sometimes difficult Common Core skill while reading interesting information about Ancient Egypt. Integrating interesting informational text into skill work is a great way to efficiently cover the content and provide enrichment as well.

Use editable standards checklists to get and STAY organized. Use Excel or Word, or just quickly add students' names and hit print. Digital and paper- the best of both worlds! $

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The Lady or the Tiger: Reading, Writing, Language, and SS Activities

You have been accused of .... Pick Door 1 or Door 2. My students enjoy these "The Lady or the Tiger" activities. I use it to create interest when teaching compound/ complex sentences. The 32 PowerPoint Slides or printables include Common Core aligned reading, writing, language, and social studies activities. An extensive preview of the product is available.

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Holidays: A Year of Website Sleuths

Your students will enjoy becoming web detectives during the holidays! This resource includes 35 of my ready-to-use holiday web searches in one at a highly discounted rate! My popular Website Sleuth series provides you with easy to use resources complete with answer keys for independent student engagement. Great for center activities or for those days when it's hard for students to focus because of holiday excitement! ($)

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Common Core 6 Traits Argumentative Writing Rubrics - 6, 7, 8 {Google Resource}

Common Core Aligned Argument Writing Rubrics for Middle School This packet includes the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade versions of a complete 4-point rubric that assesses eight Common Core Standards. The rubrics are included in a colored version PDF, a gray scale version PDF, and an editable Microsoft Word version.

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes Novel Study is a Common Core Standard aligned book unit to be used with Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Eleanor Coerr.This download contains both a printable format as well as a Google Drive™ compatible format.

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Verbs-Using Strong Verbs in Writing-Based on Common Core

Get rid of those boring verbs! This a two week (or more) Writing unit based on Common Core Writing Standards, grade 1-5. Use this unit to promote ...

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Common Core Punch Cards for Grade 5: All Standards Included

Common Core Punch Cards for Grade 3: Here is an easy way for your students to track which Common Core Standards they have met over the school year. Each card features a different Common Core strand/domain, with the standards listed by number clockwise around the card. The cards are color-coded to help avoid confusion. Only $3.25

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4th Grade Math Review

4th Grade End of the Year Review - This review is a great way to have FUN going beyond boring worksheets and engaging students in a 4th Grade Common Core Math Review. This set has 6 game show style reviews and all domains and standards are covered! WOW! $