Area and perimeter with Cheez-Its! Kids would love this...much more fun than cubes!

Free Area and Perimeter game for partners or math centers

CHEEZ-IT Area & Perimeter

Cheez-It area and perimeter.

area and perimeter!

Perimeter Song

Fun and motivating way to help students learn their math facts! Could be done with addition/subtraction for younger kiddos.

Perimeter & Area activity and other great ideas for teaching math

Area, perimeter and fractions!!! Students are only allowed to use whole and half squares for ease of counting later on. They construct their portrait and are then responsible for determining the fractional amounts of squares for each color.

If your teacher won't let you bring a formula cheat sheet to class, just wear these socks. She'll never suspect. These crew length socks with chalk formulas fit a men's shoe size 8-12.5. Available in chalkboard green or black.

Daily Number Exercise---My Version. I tried this out with the kids today, and made up a permanent poster. I already love it! Inspired by another pin:

Clever Math Ideas & a Perimeter Sone

teaching ideas

Area people

Fun Games 4 Learning: Math to Make Them Think!

A collection of hands-on activities for hosting a Family Math Night For Big Kids!

dice and area practice

Comparing Perimeter and Area

Math workshop idea!!! Gotta use this for 3rd grade.

Math Word Problems Collection of Five Sets level 1

This would be a great project for students in elementary math to complete. It is fun, and also allows students to tell their peers and teacher more about themselves! Great for project-based learning.