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Learn all about Spiral Math, Spiral Language, and everything for spiraling in the classroom!

Bulls-eye! 4th Grade Division Activities: players receive 4 cards and use any combo of operations to try and reach target number. First player with target number receives a point. Winner is first student with 3 points.

love2learn2day: Factors & Multiples: Flap Books & Online Games

Order of Operations Foldable - GEMS instead of PEMDAS

Math Homework & Math Centers for the ENTIRE YEAR of FOURTH GRADE!!! Includes my 100% EDITABLE Spiral Math Homework, & my "I CAN" Math Games. All Aligned to the Common Core Standards. The ULTIMATE Math Bundle for 4th Grade. Paid

This 60+ page assessment bundle contains quick math assessments for every 4th Grade Common Core Math Standard. There are at least 2 assessments included for each standard. These assessments packs are also available for grades 1, 2, 3, and 5!

P is for Pattern - use fall candy to practice sequencing

FREE HALLOWEEN "EASYART" TOTEM POLE - www.teacherspayte... Pumpkins are the best part of Halloween. They come in all shapes and sizes and you can do sooo many things with them. Why not try to build them in a tower higher and higher. This independent seat work Halloween art project can be used in home school, classroom, or art room. Check out other Halloween projects at www.teacherspayte...

FREE "Fall Things" Easy-art Mono-print What fun it is to paint, and even more fun to experience printing with the painted object. It is almost like MAGIC! This project provides a fun, mono-printing experience related to the season and environment of fall, teaching children the skill of mono-printing and exposing them to the meaning of "symmetry", as it is applied to nature and seasons. www.teacherspayte...

Check out these free ideas! www.teacherspayte... all year long, and, for Halloween, www.teacherspayte... and, for Christmas, www.teacherspayte...

PROJECT OVERVIEW-PURPOSE: WHAT FUN IT IS TO COLOR, BUT THESE SHEETS ARE MUCH MORE THAN THAT!This lesson is designed to make life easier for the classroom teachers - a simpleway to incorporate "art action" into independent activity time. It will provide thestudent with an experience in art, language arts, writing, and math through simple seasonal coloring sheets, practice papers, and optional challenge pages.

Using Powerpoint to Manage Centers Rotations

Monster Bookmarks

This is how I'm decorating my classroom door!! Add picures throughout the year.

12 engineering projects for kids

Affirmation stones - Positive self-affirmations and mindfulness activities - art therapy, self care

Sundae Style Effort Rubric ~ Great visual for students to self evaluate $

Chalkboard Tables -- Paint the tops of your tables with chalkboard paint and then use colored duct tape around the edge of the tables.

How to recognize and fix an overdecorated classroom

Love this genius tip for comparing fractions. Great way for kiddos to check their reasoning!

Banana Brain break

Free two weeks of daily math review for 4th grade. Preview and Review important math concepts! Perfect for homework, morning work, or test prep!

From Grooving Through Fourth Grade- Getting to know your students: ideas for the beginning of the school year...

Welcome Back to the second round of Teacher Wisdom. This month we are sharing our teacher wisdom on Classroom Management. I am focusing on parent communication. It's always important to start the new school year with strong parent communication. In this post read about something NEW, something OLD, something BORROWED and something TRUE. I've also added something FREE. Come check it out!

Fun matching games and activities! These activities cover the following prefixes and suffixes: in, un, mis, pre, dis, re, non, mid, im, bi, inter, pro, anti, ex, under, sub,ly, er, est, er/or, ed, ful, less, able/ible, ion, ment, ness, ous $