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but with our writing process steps... good way to keep track of where kids are at, and if a helper comes in its easy for them to see who needs help.

The Writing Process. - Having this in the classroom not only keep kids on track and know where they are up with their writing pieces but it serves a visual aid. They can always look up and see the writing process and if you have them pin themselves then they take accountability for their writing. Love it! (Even for the older grades)

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Chevron Design Writing Resource

Great for the writing process.


Differentiation in Writing - Goal-Setting Clip Chart

Runde's Room: Differentiation in Writing - Goal-Setting Clip Chart. I LOVE this side by side CAFE strategies, but for writing. Brilliant!

I want to put one of these in my room, but with a folder behind each title. In the folders I would put various blank outlines, special drafting paper, peer editing sheets, editing mark cards, etc.

600 Other Ways to Say Common Things: Improving Student Vocabulary

This is a great chart to use during writing instruction. It maps out the important things that all writing needs to have in a clear and concise manner (it could use a little color though!). This chart could help save the teacher from having to verbally remind students or mark on homework when grading for written work. Maggie Gomberg.