Letter Sounds Popcorn - homework program $

For teaching letter recognition or letter sounds

3 page file with 30 name labels. Just type in your students' names to create your own labels for anything: cubbies, journals, homework folders, et...

Letter Jars. Put all the things that start with the sound

Let's Sort Letters


Learning Letter Sounds

Bulletin board for letter and sight word goals

Letter Sounds Program - Editable. Good for RTI. Good documentation tool and parent component. Paid.

Montessori Alphabet Object - Beginning Letter Sounds Set 3 - Alphabet miniatures to use with movable alphabet

For teaching letter recognition or letter sounds - ABC Bingo for kids

Letter Sound songs

alphabet game: pick a letter; name 3 things that start w/that letter; if you can, you keep the letter.

Popcorn ABC's - letter recognition game - great for Kindergarten centers or extra practice at home

$5 Home journals: A year's worth of writing homework.

Pass a bag full of letters around the circle. When the song ends, whoever is holding the bag picks a letter and says its name. {They could also say its sound, a word that begins with that letter, etc}

Tons of cool games and activities for sight words

Who Let the Letters Out by Dr. Jean

Alphabet sounds video.

Popcorn adjective