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DIY: How to make your own Z Palette!

DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette (Z Palette Inspired) !

Magnetic Makeup Palette (Similar to the "Z" Palette)

from BuzzFeed

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What different oils will do for your skin.

$1 z palette tutorial. normally z palettes (a palette that you can depot your favorite cosmetics and then, using the magnetic piece inside, place them inside and you have a custom palette.) cost $20 for the palette alone. however, using an old dvd container you can make your own at a fraction of the cost. genius!

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Shades of Summer! Best Eyeshadow Palettes to Take You From Day to Night

Best Summer Eyeshadow Palettes

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Ab Workouts & Best Exercises That Are Not Crunches

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DIY EYESHADOW PALETTE ▶ How to Make Your Own Z-Palette/Magnetic Shadow Palette! + My Favourite Eyeshadows of the Moment - YouTube :: MINT TIN + Magnetic tape + eyeshadows = BEST IDEA EVER!!