CURIOUS GEORGE | George Counts to 100 for the 100 day of school

Short video on 100 day of school (11 minutes)

We can count by 5's!

Video - Fancy Nancy/The 100th Day Of School!

The 100th Day Finally Came!

Great video to share for 100's day!

100th day of would love this!

100 Day songs and ideas

I wish I had 100....I would not want 100....

FREE: 100th Day of School Writing


100 day crowns...cute!

Count to 100.

School House Rock Skip Counting Video

100th day // Tried this one year with 5th graders - I thought they were going to pass out doing jumping jacks for 100 seconds! LOL

100 Day idea.

Lots of activity ideas for first week of school and all about me

"Us at 100"

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Chicka Chicka Boom Boom video

School House Rock - Counting by Fives