FREE AUDIO STORIES~ Tons of free audio stories for children including Greek myths, The Secret Garden, and much more!

Great websites that have stories read online - FREE.

Great Websites that have FREE Read-Aloud and Read-to-Me stories for kids!

Printables for tons of books

An online library of children's illustrated books read by professional narrators and complemented with original soundtracks produced by former Sesame musical director Robby Merkin. This site is a must checkout!

Read To Me is a website with over 100 digital books that are read by the author. It's completely FREE!

Sideways Stories from Wayside School: my #1 favorite read aloud.

11 Free Reading Websites for Kids- this is perfect for the holidays-don't let them slip in their reading, give them these links and they will be ready to soar in January!

The Best Story by Eileen Spinelli: Another great story for writing workshop! In this book, the character learns (after a lot of unhelpful "advice" from different family members) that the best stories are your own and come from the heart.

Storymatic Kids – Gazillions of Stories – Play Games, Make Art, and More – On two Forbes top-ten lists: “How to Talk to People: The Top 10 Toys that Help” and “How to Be an Engaging Storyteller: Top Ten Tools for Kids”

Bookboard offers hundreds of FREE books to children via a system encouraging kids to read more. Visit the website to see the unique system they use to encourage reading. #kidlit #childrensbooks #free #reading #literacy

Pure, powerful, and deceptively simple, best-selling author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds reminds us that children — and the friendships they make — can take flight in unexpected ways. With a strong anti-bullying message, I'm Here teaches children to stand up for others who may not seem to belong.

Great resources for teachers on grading rubrics, online quizzes, audio books, utilities, puzzle creators and more.

Have you ever wondered to yourself: "What makes up a story?" I know have! This poster can really help make sense of story parts. :) [ESOL Friendly]

Books with alliteration #edchat #aslachat #tlchat

Sequencing: students draw 4 pictures on index cards from important parts from the story they just read. Then, they add sentences explaining which part of the story they illustrated. Then, they put the events in order.

Leveled Text Bookmark Chart, good idea to have this for uncategorized books. 0358. ....Follow for Free 'too-neat-not-to-keep' literacy tools fun teaching stuff :)

Audio Books for Kids of All Ages - learning can be enjoyable and fun! Listening to audio books increases student listening comprehension and vocabulary.

23 FREE Phonics Poems for Teaching Short and Long Vowels

Story of the World Video Links

Free Comic Book Printable