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Internet scavenger hunts are a great way for students to preview or review knowledge while exploring quality websites about a topic. Raki's Rad Resources

10 Ways to Use Technology to Connect our Students to Students Around the World - Ideas in this blog post can be used in any classroom for elementary, middle or high school. You may also connect with other teachers on our Global Teacher Connect Facebook page. Stop by and find out more at Raki's Rad Resources

6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2016

Check out these fantastic technology tools you can use in your classroom or in your life to make your teaching more effective and efficient and increase student engagement.

Organize Those Websites for your students with these three websites. Organizing websites in this way makes technology centers and technology based homework much easier for teachers and students.

Preparing Students for Online Assessments {Online Test Prep

'YourKids' Teacher: Erasing Meanness Write negative words on the board. Students erase and replace with positive words. OR Write boring words to be replaced by more descriptive words.

Google Presentation Tips and Tricks for Students