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SCOOT Solutions for When You Have More Students than Cards

SCOOT is a fun game to play with your class that uses task cards and gets your students out of their desks and moving. Check out these SCOOT solutions!

Should the toughest kids be assigned to the best teachers?

Is it fair for the most challenging students to all be placed in the same class?

Building Loyalty in Your Students

Building Loyalty in Your Students - interesting approach with many great ideas! Perfect for both new and experienced teachers.

Need some fresh ideas for using task cards? Register for Power Up Learning with Task Cards and get ready for a jam-packed webinar with Laura Candler and Rachel Lynette!

Community Post: 12 Glorious Ways To Organize Classroom Supplies

Student-Created Newsletters: An Editable Newsletter for your Students

A product you can use ALL YEAR! This product contains the following: *Letter to students explaining what they need to do and the expectations behind creating the newsletter. *Example newsletters completed by my own class. *Three editable templates for your students to use.