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Reading Skills | Reading Strategies | Reading Task Cards Mega Bundle

Over 600 short passage cards written by published nonfiction children's author. You can use these reading skills task cards for games, centers, test prep and so much more!

Author's Purpose Powerpoint- PIE'ED

Author's Purpose PowerPoint containing 49 slides! This includes the more advanced version of teaching Author's Purpose... the PIE'ED version with test prep! (persuade, inform, entertain, explain, and describe) This PowerPoint includes 10 passages and 5 multiple choice passages.

Reading Exit Ticket Bundle

These reading exit tickets are a simple way to assess informational and literature reading standards! There are assessments for comparing and contrasting, character traits, point of view, main idea and so much more!

Character Traits Task Cards (Inference)

Use these 32 multiple choice task cards to practice inferring character traits. The multiple choice format makes these cards ideal for test prep. ...

Literature Circles! Common Core 4th, 5th, 6th Grade

Literature Circles! As a way to vary instruction, I incorporated literature circles into my 6th grade classroom. The jobs and daily reading questions hold them accountable for remaining on task and can be applied to any chapter of any text!

Drawing Conclusions Task Cards - Inference

Drawing Conclusions (inference) Task Cards. Your kids will love these challenging paragraphs. The multiple choice format is perfect for test prep!

No-Fuss Reading Centers

Reading Center activities that are low-maintenance, and can be paired with almost any text. Read more here...

Reading Intervention Binder (3rd Grade)

Third Grade Reading Intervention Tips

Idioms Activity & Study Sheets

Idioms I Have, Who Has Printable Cards. Great idea for all students especially ESOL students. We use idioms so much in the English language... Good way to learn!

Foldables ~ Functional Folding Fun! Flip-Flap Books And Elementary Lapbooks

Main Idea Foldable... Elementary Paper Folding Flap Books For All Subject Areas! Just print, fold, cut and you are ready to go! This unit now has a Table of Contents and Optional Lined Inserts for each foldable! NOW 734 PAGES! $