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Writing Paper Dry Erase

Jot a note, write a poem or sketch a masterpiece, BLIK dry erase products are perfect for all your doodles and your daydreams. (Dry erase markers not included.)

QR CODES MEGA BUNDLE for 248 Stories in your Listening Stations: ALL YEAR

QR Codes are easy and so much fun! Kids LOVE them!!! These are also great for students with special needs! What are they? QR stands are like ba...

Tips for a First Year Kindergarten Teacher

I do not believe this list to be exhaustive. It’s just what I see as top priorities to wrap your mind around when you’re staring down a “school starts” date on the calendar. I like sharing about how I think on this blog. I hope you find these tips helpful if you’re a new to teaching or just new to kindergarten.

Kindergarten Step by Step: Transportation Week!

Well you hit fall so that means you are well on your way to October! What's important about October? Well, in the kindergarten world....

Summer review - literacy pack (Kindergarten)

Download free printables at preview. Sound it out-short vowel. Summer review Literacy No Prep - Kindergarten. An excellent pack with a lot of sight word, short vowel, long vowel, spelling, vocabulary, word work, reading, fluency and other literacy activities and practice

I use these Whole Brain Teaching attention getters on a daily basis with my ELL students. These attention getters are a great way to improve your classroom management. I usually pick one or two to teach the class at the beginning of the year. Then every month or every few weeks, I introduce a new attention getter, which my students can't wait for!!

Make your life so much easier with these editable "I Can" posters for your centers or stations time. There are 4 different posters for each center ready for you to personailze. That's 68 different "I Can" posters for you to choose from!! This file is saved as a PowerPoint file making it easy for you to add text boxes, clip art or graphics to make the posters your own! $