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Kindergarten mini unit - Living and Nonliving

Kindergarten mini unit - Living and Nonliving this is a great way to check students understanding after a lesson.

Living Things Anchor Chart

Living Things Anchor Chart

We learned about living and nonliving things this week. This is a great nonfiction book for teaching little ones about the characteristics o.

I've finally updated my living and nonliving mini-unit! This has been on my to-do list for quite some time. If you've already purchased thi...

Living and nonliving things anchor charts create during a whole group lesson. When finished the teacher can hang in the classroom so students can look at it during other assignments.

living and non living things--- compare gummy worms to earth worms!

living and non living things--- compare gummy worms to earth worms!-good for a 5 senses activity

Completely Kindergarten: Goldfish VS Goldfish Cracker...Living or Non-Living

To finish our unit about Living and Non-Living I wanted to give my ESL first graders something that would be meaningful, engaging, and "som.

a super fun introductory craftivity for a living things science unit! (the needs and characteristics of living things)

Science Focus #1: The Needs & Characteristics of Living Things

This activity corresponds with the Grade 3 Science Standard, Earth's Resources. I would incorporate literature by reading the book, "Is It a Living Thing?" by Bobbie Kalman.

Teacher to the Core: American Symbols-might be a good oral assessment of knowledge

American Symbols is one on of my FAVORITE units to teach. It must be yours too because over teachers have purchased this unit .

Flow of Matter & Energy - A cute chart on what plants and animals need to survive #flowofmatter

Basic Needs

Use observations to describe patterns of what plants and animals (including humans) need to survive