Gifts for Her: Splurge on Star Wars Handmade R2D2 TOMS Shoes by Star Wars Handmade @ Etsy

R2D2 shoes

TOMS with Phil 4:13

Toms w/music notes

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Hand Painted Star Wars R2D2 Heels

Not sure I would ever wear these, unless I took a job teaching preschool. But I like the idea that they exist.

Doctor Who/ Tardis TOMS. Need.



ThinkGeek :: Rutherford-Bohr Model Atom Earrings

Do, or do not. Want!


Toms shoes,I like all of them. And the price the low.$17.95

R2D2 helmet

Beautifully TOMS shoes

My daughter's new favorite pair of shoes for Fall 2013. I bought them at St. Bernard's in Dallas.

elephant TOMS shoes - this would make a great Christmas present - hint - hint...