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Years from now I actually will remember all those Friday nights and all the things that made us laugh so hard and all those memories. And I'll remember the person who made all those nights special.. My bestfriend Liz

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That's what true, amazing friends do when your around with them! They make you forget any of the hurt, pain, and loneliness that you felt. You feel loved! :) I am lucky to have a few of these friends in my life now.

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Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

Break her heart, I'll break your face. I've given this speech...

my friends are the most memorable people to me. yeah my family's always there for me but they have to. my friends choose to be there for me and always forgive me for the stupid stuff I fall into, and always listen and give me GREAT advice. I LOVE THEM!. I'll never forget you and all our great times together.

I got him. He is my everything, love of my life, the father of my girls and many times the big pain in my butt! hahahaha

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