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Worcester Insane Asylum. Now Worcester state hospital where I will be doing some of my inpatient rotations!!!!... If I can ever stop staring at that clock tower, that is.

Miss stephanie said old Mr. Radley said no Radley was going to any asylum, when it was suggested that a season in Tuscaloosa might be helpful to Boo. Boo wasn't crazy, he was high-strung at times.

Is he pulling her hair? Oh..poor sad. What must she have experienced to hurt her enough to bring on this? What a scary time in history to have a mental illness. I wonder what became of her...An insane asylum patient restrained by warders, Yorkshire, 1869, Henry Clarke.

Abandoned Asylum. It's almost Halloween and I'm feeling morbid. 🎃😱💀

Wheel chair in abandoned asylum italy, via Flickr.

Insane Asylum abandoned but still beautiful

cemetery in Nevada. Thought this might be a good reminder to stay away from the glue. Lol

Whittingham Asylum, once the largest lunatic asylum in England