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    Foods to Avoid When You Have Bell's Palsy

    by Adam Dave
    Bell’s palsy is a condition characterized by facial paralysis. It is usually one-sided and comes on abruptly. Typically, the face feels stiff and pulled to one side, and it may be difficult to close your eye. Though the cause of Bell’s palsy is unknown, an inflammatory reaction involving the facial ...
    • StampMedia

      Eten. Zoveel eten tot je er misselijk van wordt. En dan nog eten. Het is een van de meest voorkomende eetproblemen in het westen. In de medische wereld wordt de stoornis omschreven als Binge Eating Disorder en sinds kort is het erkend als een ‘officiële’ psychiatrische aandoening.

    • Sherry Farr

      Eating in Secret Eating alone is often due to feelings of embarrassment that may come from eating so much food in such a short period. Someone who binge-eats is very careful to hide the problem from others out of shame and guilt over the behavior. For those with binge eating disorder, it’s quite common for the eating episode to take place while in the car driving, at home alone or at night when no one else is around.

    • Kathryn Evans

      Undressed Skeleton — Battling Binge!

    • Laura Cipullo

      Is Your Child Hiding Food?

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