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Todays Fabulous Finds: Job Board with Stenciled Quote = a smaller version for chores they still can't agree on. Will take the place of the paper under a magnet on the fridge!

With summer here and my kids out of school, it felt like a great time to make a job board.  Hooray for kids helping!  I've been thinking now...

Today's Fabulous Finds: Job Board with Stenciled Quote.great idea for assigning chores

MY FAVORITE CHORE BOARD!!! "Each kids has their own hook for their jobs for the day.  When they finish the job, they move the card to the hook below their name. The jobs hanging from the hook on the left are extra jobs, things they can do for video game, computer, and movie time.  Oh yes, at our house they get to earn it!  However, there is no need to do extra jobs to play outside, make a craft, read, build Legos.......see how this works? ;)" NOTE: This is the board that I ultimately chose!

"Nothing Will Work Unless You Do" - what a quote! Today's Fabulous Finds: Job Board with Stenciled Quote

Yesterday, I shared with you a little problem we've been having with our children having a sense of entitlement. Scratched that... Make tha...

21 of the best chore charts for kids

Family Chore Wall with point system and rewards by Our Prairie Home: Your children got the "Gimmes?" I've Got Your Back.

DIY mason jar chore chart tutorial @ Tatertots and Jello #DIY #chorechart

Get Organized in 2014: Make a Popsicle Stick & Mason Jar Chore Chart

Z would love moving the popsicle stick from to do to done! Get Organized in Make a Popsicle Stick & Mason Jar Chore Chart! - Tatertots and Jello

This simple, homemade DIY chore chart saved my sanity. Allows kids to take responsibility and ownership, makes mom happy!

Instant Gratification Chore Charts

Instant Gratification Chore Charts Saved My Sanity . get your chores done every day to earn your allowance. No chores, no allowance. I like the concrete idea of this.

Cute, DIY Chore Chart For Multiple Kids - made out wood and scrapbook paper! LOVE it! Tutorial at howdoesshe.com

Chore Chart for multiple children

Chore Chart For Multiple Kids - wonder if I could just make this out of cardboard boxes.

FREE frozen chore chart with incentive bucks for cheerful attitudes.

FREE Frozen Chore Chart

The perfect Frozen Chore Chart with incentive cheerful attitude bucks!

Reusable checklists, every Saturday morning each kid gets a room.

Free printable chore cards

Free Printable Chore Cards- This just might work for us! Maybe tweak it a bit to include pictures for the boys to understand too though. This could put a stop to (or at least lessen) the endless times I have to say "You forgot to.

Keeping mom sane & kids responsible

Keeping mom sane & kids responsible

Keeping mom sane & kids responsible -this looks like a good idea for keeping track of the children's household responsibilities/ chores.