Crumb (by Aline Kominsky-Crumb, 1987)

Robert Crumb - portrait by Aline Kominsky-Crumb, 1987 (by fantagraphics)

Robert Crumb and Aline Kominsky Crumb

Aline Kominsky Crumb interview (Part one) In Part 1 of the interview, Aline Crumb talks about ‘Drawn Together’, the recently released compilation of her work with Robert Crumb. Whose idea was Drawn.

I would have thought we would have these by now

Mid Century Vintage Space Age Advertisement illustration for America’s Independent Electric Light and Power Companies. "Watch where you're flying, bitch!

Monster sketch by Seth, Joe Matt and Chester Brown.

Monster sketch by Seth, Joe Matt and Chester Brown.

Another Girl by Mike Sandoval

Another Girl by Mike Sandoval

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Mr Natural: 'The whole universe is completely insane' (& those that see & embody the backwardsness are dismissed, oppressed, killed off for being 'wrong'. scapegoats) Denial & ignorance is violence.

Amazing Digital Art by Matei Apostolescu

Amazing illustration by Romanian artist, Matei Apostolescu. The question we all want to know the answer to; was any acid involved in the creation of this work?

Unknown Detroit bluesman by Robert Crumb. Got me a signed copy.

Unknown Detroit Bluesman (Limited Edition Print) (Signed) art by Robert Crumb at The Illustration Art Gallery

Robert Crumb

Robert Crumb's Comic Nightmare