my kids would love these :) teddy grahams

Race cars from Milky Way bars and Teddy Grahams. cute!

Teddy Bear Race Cars 1 packet of mini Mars Bars or Milky Way bars 1 family packet of m&ms 1 box of Tiny Teddy cookies

Perfect for a car-themed birthday party! Stop-and-Go Cookie Pops. Have a whole indoor road trip day - red light/green light game, homemade car craft

fun snack for kids

Teddy Bear Cookies

80 different cute diy birthday cakes for children

Fun idea for a party

Taste just like Sour Patch Kids candy..a must try this summer. Much healthier than the candy.

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s'mores dippers


Teddy Graham Swimming Pool. Blue jello, life saver gummies and teddy grahams. winnie the pooh pool party idea

Candy, candy, candy.

icecream cupcake cake

Banana split bites.

Frozen banana penguins created with orange M&M's, candy eyeballs, and a chocolate dip make a great snack for kids!

In honor of Shark week!

Snowmen cupcakes. Decorate with mini chocolate chips for the mouth, jelly beans for the nose, m's for the eyes, marshmallows and blue sprinkles for the hat.

Cute ideas for Christmas.

Birthday cake ideas