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Lancaster, who manufactured four barrel rifles, pistols, and shotguns, produced this .440 bore or 28 gauge piece offering double the firepower of a standard side-by-side. Charles Lancaster started as a barrel maker in London's Drury Lane in 1811, producing barrels for Joseph Manton and others. By 1826, his firm had moved to 151 New Bond Street and had received a royal appointment to Albert the Prince Consort.

A stunning J. Purdey & Sons double rifle in .600 Nitro Express. Engraved by Philippe Grifnee with a gold Rhino, Elephants and a stand of Cape Buffalos. The gold background inlay gives the gun a unique appearance and is tastefully set off by the deep relief engraving of the African game scenes.

Pair of Benelli M4 shorty shotties. guns, weapons, self defense, protection, protect, knifes, concealed, 2nd amendment, america, 'merica, firearms, caliber, ammo, shells, ammunition, bore, bullets, munitions #guns #weapons

Pair of Holland and Holland doubles (500/465 Nitro Express and a 4 bore). -

DP-12 - Double Barrel 12Ga Pump Action Shotgun -16+1 - One stroke of the Vertical fore-grip strips 2 shells from the magazine tubes and loads them into the side-by-side chambers. When the gun is locked in battery, the two shells may be fired consecutively by two pulls of the single trigger, first right then left. -- This gun will soon be listed on our website. Until then, please email: luke@huntingandde... SKU DP1200.1300