love this table

Wooden beam or Dads very antique ladder over the porch dining table.

DIY Dining room table with 2x8 boards (4.75 each for $31.00) from Lowes This is the coolest website!!! If you love Pottery Barn this website will give you tons of inspiration.

hand crafted rough edge tables | Custom Made Live Edge Walnut Slab Dining Table

dining table / farmer's table.

pallet table

How to build an X Base Table

pipe leg table by Lacoste

Barrel coffer table!

Farmhouse Open Hutch Buffet Cabinet Distressed Mahogany

Farmhouse Table Feature

DIY Vintage Shutter Headboard

Old Farmhouse Chippy Table...with a flag runner.

Farmhouse Table from pallets!

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Farmhouse Table

DIY Pottery Barn Bench Tutorial. I will need this to go with my DIY farmhouse table

Something From Nothing: Pebble Shower Floor #DIY #showerfloor #forthehome

I like the dark cabinets, farmhouse sink, wall tile, flooring...Kitchen Workspace: Some of the lower cabinets have a metal grating instead of wood, to add another layer of texture. "It reminds me of those old-fashioned pie safes, and it lets things breathe and dry," Dan Ruhland says. Parefeuille Peach antique terra-cotta flooring from Exquisite Surfaces.

I absolutely love this table. With two benches it was made for about $150. I'd love to make just the table and maybe buy chairs to go with it instead of benches, but either way it is beautiful.

31 days of home character building. Worth giving a look! I actually really like these curtains, maybe navy instead of black for my house though