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Related Pins Is Pinterest Revealing Your Secrets for You?;-- www.internetretai... --...another new feature, called “People who pinned this also pinned,” will show users other pins related to the ones they have viewed. That may help retailers to expose more of their products to consumers...;--People sharing with people 'WAS UNIQUE'; not one BIG GREEDY AD:(

Palm reading.. Actually were true for me!

Dear Pinterest, Thanks for changing your terms. I'm staying. Please replace the old pin with this and say thanks!

Great tips on using pinterest

Don’t repin poorly cited pins. Once an image is pinned to Pinterest, it exists in the internet ether for eternity, for better or for worse. Now that you have an idea of what makes a “good pin,” don’t settle for mediocre. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

Read this to yourself…

Proper "Pintiquette" - 5 Tips Every Pinterest User Should Know

We all know we do this when reading