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Untitled #42

"Untitled #42" by desirenelle ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring The High Rise, Hershey's, Chanel, Dorothy Perkins, Cape Robbin and DIANA BROUSSARD

Mäÿä 🌽🍌🍋🍊🍈🍅🍑🍏🍎🍓🍆🍠🍉🍯🍭🍇🍍🍐🍒🍬🍜🍮🍫🍰🍩🍚🍘🍞🍰🎂🍳🍙🍥🍡🍧🍨🍢🍣🍱🍲🍦🍤🍕🍼🍶🍴🍛🍝🍷🍵☕️🍹🍖🍗🍸🎣🏄🍻🍟🍔🍺🏊🏀⛳️🏂🎿🎳🏈🎯🏉🏆🏇🎱🎲🀄️🎾🏁🚴⚾️🎴🃏⚽️🚵📰🎶🎮👾🎵🔭🔬🎼🎸🎷🎧📛🔖🎤🎺🎻🎬📖📚🎨🎹📂📐📒📔📏📁📇✏️📓📙✒️📆📅📎📘📗📌📋📜✂️📕📨📦📉📊📮📩✉️📭📊📑📬📤📥📪📃📄📫📧📲📯📝🔨💉💸💳💊🔩🔧🔪💶💷🔫🚽🚿💣💵💴🚬🛀🛁🚪💰⏰🔎🔍🔋🔑⌛️⏳🔐🔌🔅🔏📣📢🔒🔆🔦🔓🔕🔔⌚️💡💽📠🔇🔈📟📀💿📞🔉🔊☎️📼📹📱📻📺💻📷🎥💾📡🎆🎄🔮🎌🎅🎏🎓👻🎈🎊🎃🎒🎎🎑🎉🎋🎐💝🎍🎇🎁🔺🔻🔹🔵▫️▪️🔴🔸🔷⚪️◽️◾️⚫️🔶⬛️🔳◻️◼️🔲⬜️➗✔️🔱〰〽️💯➖➕💮➰♦️✖️🕦♣️🔗🔘🕤♠️☑️🕒🕖🕣🕢🕕🕝🕑🕠🕡🕚🕔🕜🕐🕟🕙🕘🕓🕧🕛🕞🕗™❔🔃🔜❕®©❓🔛🔙❗️💱💲⁉️🔚🔝‼️❌⭕️🏧♻️♎️🔯⛎♍️➿💠♓️♌️🅾♋️♒️♑️♊️🆎🅱♉️♐️♏️♈️🅰🚯❇️📴📳✳️📵🔞⛔️🆚💟🚸🚫🆔🚷✴️✅🚳🆘🆑🚱❎🚮Ⓜ️㊗️㊙️🈂🚰🚾🈸🉑🛃🈷🚼🚺🚭🛅🛄♿️🚹🚻🅿️🛂🆓🈵🈚️🈶🈳🆒🆙🈯️🈺🈹🈁🆕🔂🎦🉐🈲📶🔁🔀🆖🈴🚩🇫🇷🇪🇸📍🎭🇺🇸🇨🇳🎪🗿🇩🇪🇬🇧🇷🇺🇰🇷♨️🎰🇯🇵🇮🇹🚲🎫🏮⛽️🚏🚐🚑💈🔰🚧🚜🚒🚔🚠⚠️🚥🚟🚓🚨🚡🚦🚈🚍🚚🚛🚌🚅🚄🚎🚖🚕🚃🚆🚞🚋🚗🚘🚝🚉🚊🚇🚙🌉🚤🚂🚁⛵️🗽🌃🚢💺✈️🎢🌅🌄⛲️🚀⚓️🎡🗻🗾🎠🚣🏦🏤🗼🏭🏬🏥🏣⛪️⛺️🏰💒🏢🏫🏨🏯🌆🏩🏡🏠🏪🌇🐸🐗🐧🐼🐮🐰🐹🐽🐘🐑🐷🐭🐱🐻🐴🐒🐨🐺🐶🐯🐵🐦🐛🐠🐟🐝🐤🐥🐜🐬🐳🐞🐣🐔🐌🐋🐄🐙🐍🐢🐚🐏🐀🐓🐊🐫🐕🐃🐅🐖🐪🐆🐁🐇🐉🐂🐈🐩🐲🐎🐐🐡🐾💐🍁🌴🌲🍃🌸🌷🍂🌳🌰🌿🍀🌹🌾🌱🌼🍄🌻🌺🌵🌐🌞🌕🌍🌎🌖🌝🌚🌗🌏🌋🌘🌑🌒🌜🌌🌠🌛🌓🌔🌙⭐️🌊🌈🌁🌀☀️⛅️☁️⚡️☔️❄️⛄️💗💋💭👣💌💔❤️💘💬👥💞💚💜💖👤💎💕💓💛💍👔💼💄🌂👙👕👢👘🎀👓👖👠👡🎽👛👝👗👞👟👚👜👯💅👒👑💇💑💏🎩💆👭🙋🙇🙍💁👬👪🙅🙎👰🙆👫👋🙌💃🏃👈✌️✊👉🚶💪👇👊👌👆👏☝️👐👎👍✋🙏🔥💧👄👅💦💩👽💢👃👀💥💀🙊💫👂💨🌟🙉🙈✨💤👵😽👺👹😻👴👩😸😾😹😺👨👧👸😿🙀👼👦👶👱😼👿😈😇😶💂👷👮👳👲😑😏😮😬😐😕😯😧😦😟😲😵😅😰😥😪😭😂😢😓😩😫😨😱😠😡😴😎😷😋😆😖😤😍😛😣😞😝😉☺️😜😒😌😙😊😀😗😔😁😚😃😄😘😳

My Closet (Someday)❤️❤️❤️

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Untitled #3624

"Untitled #3624" by xirix ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Giuseppe Zanotti, Le…

The Boriah fringe skirt is a limited piece from our ethnic range that can be dressed down for a casual outing. Made with 100% genuine Nigerian Aso oke fabric locally sourced in Lagos, Nigeria. African fashion, Ankara, kitenge, African women dresses, African prints, Braids, Nigerian wedding, Ghanaian fashion, African wedding, Aso Oke, fringe (affiliate)

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Untitled #375

"Untitled #375" by childish-tc ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring MICHAEL Michael Kors, Movado, Tobi and NIKE

from Lulugal

Split Neck Dashiki Print Black Dress

African Dashiki Dress

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"BEL-AIR | 09|01|16" by kahla-robyn ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring MTWTFSS Weekday, adidas Originals, Swarovski, Nadri and Allurez

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"<3" by martina-vacca ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Thierry Mugler, Christian Louboutin and Chanel

from Wachabuy

100 Fall Outfits to Try Now

#fall #fashion / nude shirt + denim

from The Camelia

Nos coups de coeur de la semaine #179

Afternoon outfit. Fashionable. Jeans, blazer and hat. Stylish. Fashion trend.