• Mrs R

    Pyrex glass grease stains. (I'd rather use baking soda to clean with than a magic eraser sponge).

  • Linda Hodgson

    Magic Eraser to clean grease stains on Pyrex

  • Alexis Fullard

    Cleaning glass casserole dishes with magic eraser

  • Rosemarie Graham

    Category: Cleaning Supplies - The Grocery Cart Challenge

  • Kristin Hall

    Cleaning Pyrex Dishes: Method 1: Magic Eraser. Method 2: Set your dish in the sink, spray with oven cleaner all over the affected areas and let sit for 30 minutes. Come back and wipe off with a cloth or scrub brush. Comes off like butter. Rinse and then run through the dishwasher to make sure to remove any chemical residue. The chemicals won't leach into your glass so don't be worried about that.

  • Amanda Harper

    Clean your glass baking dishes with Magic Erasers!

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