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Facts taken from the infographic 1 exabyte amounts to 36,000 years of HD video. It's also equivalent to streaming the whole of Netflix 3,177 times over. It would take over 5 years to watch the amount of video that will cross global networks every second in 2015. Video will be the most viewed thing on…

The Internet in 2015

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This infographic which actually refers to the use of visual content in marketing, can still be applied to teaching; as it highlights how effective visual content is at engaging people - especially visual learners.

SEO Pyramid: The TLCs Of SEO Methodology

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LinchpinSEO's SEO Pyramid (green version) outlining the TLCs of SEO (Technical, Links, Content, Social) backlinks edu backlinks gov backlinks angela backlinks link wheels link pyramids video submission article submission content writing full seo audit

Confira no infográfico quem diz  - e por quê diz – que o SEO está morto (ou agonizante).

Infographic: The Death Of SEO, Failed Predictions Over The Years SEO has been declared “dead” almost from when it first began, as our post from a few years ago, Is SEO Dead?

Your Digital Marketing Roadmap - this #infographic presents the essential components of an effective #marketingplan

Your Digital Marketing Roadmap - infographic

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2 Infographics to Learn The Basics About Search Engine Optimization - SEO

2 Infographics to Learn The Basics About Search Engine -- 29 Need-To-Know On Page SEO Factors (Infographic)

History of Social Media. #infografia #infographic..(repinned by @Jess Pearl Liu Grist Tomas #ixu)

Infographic on Social Media & its Evolution!

Ten Ways to Improve #SEO Rankings #Infographic

10 Simple Ways To Quickly Improve SEO Rankings [Infographic] More tips available on www.

It's all about the images and how they affect social engagement - Infographic

Infografía: Todo depende de las Imágenes

It’s All About The Images infographic from MDG Advertising relays information visually about the importance of relaying information visually. In our world, this information is true for posting infographics as well as photo images.