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    Fourth Doctor scarf dress

    Doctor Hoo

    "I don’t watch Doctor Who at all, but I’ve had enough exposure to the fandom to say that regardless of what they think of Peter Capaldi now, chances are they’re all going to be sexually attracted to him within three episodes or less." -thecatbureau (tumblr)

    all he really wants is to help people

    Most. Epic. Pumpkin. EVER.

    Hell. In high heels.

    Baby Dalek exterminating Capt. Jack. So cute.

    Doctor Who/ Torchwood

    Awesome Dalek costume!

    This is great!

    This is beautiful. -- Handcut Silhouette Bookmark Doctor Who by GracefulDiligence

    This will be us until November . . . "Is this how time normally passes? Very slowly and in the right order?"

    So, there’s been a reference to each Doctor’s era in chronological order since The Rings of Akhaten.

    doctor who cake

    Cyberman My Little Pony. yes!

    Weeping Angel Cookies how-to

    Epic coats

    David Tennant is a geek!

    tricky thing, psychic paper--Captain Jack Harkness.

    Dr. Who has old eyes.

    This is a pretty accurate depiction of Doctor Who

    well put


    both Donna and me!!!