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Mar-20-15 Roller-coasters are one example of a scream-inducing device. But mostly, amusement parks remind me of nymphs trapped in piazza dough. Sometimes I secretly watch them through my dusty bedroom blinds, still blooded from the crown of thorns worn by Jesus. There’s even a cross somewhere in the closet, if you have the time to help me search for it.

Is this an actual rollercoaster if it isn't I need it and then I might like roller coasters haha

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Top 5 Pins: The Labor Day Adventurer

ferris wheel at sunset

•carnivals and amusement parks are literally my favourite•I wanna go to one for my first date•how can you not enjoy the rides,games& delicious food?•

#rollercoaster #ride the time before the #drop #fall #anticipation #adrenaline #nerves #excitement

I like the ominous tone this photo shares with its viewers and the negative space in the shot kind of creeps me out in a good way.

This summer i want to go to a theme park // summer inspiration #sundancebeach #destinationbikini