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Don't let PERFECT be the enemy of the GOOD!

Run a boutique, that sells clothes, shoes, silver jewelry and serves customers wine as they shop!

Fear is perhaps the greatest barrier to success! Fear can be a motivational factor if it is controlled and focused in the correct way. More often than not we allow our fear to paralyze us so that we cannot act. You are in control of your own emotions! Move forward in spite of fear. Don't allow it to freeze you and the great potential you have to design your future and better the world. - By: Christopher A. Pearsall, Motivational Writer

"A little step may be the beginning of a great journey." Little Step by Colorfly Studio, via Flickr

"Don't waste time looking for your style. The truth is you already have it. You may just need to create more in order to see it." // hand lettering by Lindsay Letters

Gina Hollingsworth - Fold | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Wild at Heart. Illustration by Alyssa Nassner (Alyssa Nassner)

Decide what kind of day it's gonna be. And it's almost always "a good day to have a good day"