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part of a "college flowchart" bulletin board

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or tequila...or rum...or beer! If I had a juicier. Which would be never. That's what the store is for.

ATTENTION: everyone please take this to heart. Sometimes I go to repin a tacky ecard, but then think, "no, I might be judged for this one" so I decide to be a lady and not pin it... Well no more! I mean, it's just an ecard and we should all admit they're funny ;)

But why is all the rum gone...?

Like a fat kid down a hill... That's how I roll. | Encouragement Ecard

I am done trying to figure why Kansas and Arkansas are pronounced differently.

Look, sometimes I just want to be in a bad mood.

Exactly what I thought the first time I saw her! (Actually, I thought of Sloth from the Goonies with too much makeup on! But if I drew a skank with my left hand, she'd look the same!)

i'm slightly surprised when people tell me i'm intimidating i'm just like, you only ever see me in class and all i'm doing is taking notes how is that scary i mean really.