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Rio de Janeiro

Why are some non-profits for young people in the poorest neighborhoods of Latin America much more successful than others in permanently transforming the lives of poor children, and often with very limited funds? Dr. Kirk Bowman, Jon Wilcox Term Professor in Soccer and Global Politics, spent 10 days in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil conducting fieldwork testing his hypothesis.

Meet Wei Liang, Associate Professor in our #IPD and #ITED programs. Expertise: International Trade Policy and Trade Negotiation, Globalization and Global Economic and Environmental Governance, Trade and Development in Emerging Markets, International Political Economy of East Asia, US-Asia Policy, Chinese Politics and Foreign Policy.

Meet Glynn Wood, Professor Emeritus of our #IPD program. Expertise: South Asian Affairs, American Foreign Policy, Global Media, Public Diplomacy, and Electoral Politics.

Meet Nükhet Kardam, Professor in our #MPA Program. Expertise: Women's Human Rights, Gender and International Development, Development Assistance, Implementation of Global Human Rights Norms in Local Contexts, Political and Cultural Context of Development Practice, Identity Politics.

Meet Geoffrey Dabelko, Adjunct Professor in our #IEP program. Expertise: International environmental politics; international security; global health; development

Meet Jan Knippers Black, Professor in our #IPD program. Expertise: Human rights, international and comparative politics of the Western Hemisphere, international and grassroots development, women´s rights and roles, globalization

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"TEACHING THE HISTORY OF MODERN DESIGN: THE CANON AND BEYOND" is an exciting four week NEH summer teaching institute will prepare twenty-five college faculty from diverse disciplinary backgrounds to meet the increasing demand for as well as interest in courses on modern design history. In-depth seminars will focus upon three interdependent thematic units: +taste and popular culture +political and global interpretations of design after world war II +women as consumers and producers of design