Friendly competition.

city lights

From there we walked. We were at least a mile from our destination, but I knew walking was the only way. As we started down the first hill Jase grabbed my hand. How could I forget? He was probably as scared as I was about what was going on and I was the one who had dragged him into it.

Couple, holding hands, facing the future, adventure, together



* At the Bar/Kissing Couple Cologne, c. 1956 photo Chargesheimer (Karl Heinz Hargesheimer) (1924-1971) photographer, sculptor, stage designer and director

Jackson and Elijah

Life as I know it.

chess. :)

So adorable it hurts.


No TV, phones, or pinterest... just blankets, pillows, yummy snacks, a bottle of wine and you & me!!! Can't wait for my birthday camping trip!!

rainy days inside - playing board games, snuggling, watching movies at home, popcorn, pancakes, hot chocolate, coziness.



just chillin' in the warmth of the sun and with the one i love