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Not counting most of what I have for sale the past I've come up with some pretty rad creations. I just can't stand to let them go.

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before I die

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Ride my bike on the great wall of china

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Design my own tattoo.

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don't think i ever will, but it's a fun game :)

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I dyed my hair blonde. For me, that's pretty wild. Otherwise it's been dyed brown and been permed. Brown dye turns into an ugly reddish-maroon on my hair, and no perms will take. They did two in a row just to get body waves and it still didn't work. My hair is now all natural and it's just going to stay that way. I give up on it.

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Bucket List ~ visit Mount Rushmore. How fun would that be to take a long, family car ride vacation and go across the Badlands, see Mt. Rushmore, then continue on to Yellowstone National Park to see the redwood trees, Yosemite Falls and Old Faithful?! Saving my quarters!

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I'm going to change this to have my first kiss on New Years eve in times square at midnight!

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Marriage bucket list: live to meet our grandchildren. Via beforeIdie on Tumblr. #marriage #love #family #kids #grandkids

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Bucket list: go to the macy's thanksgiving day parade


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Bucket list...check, twice

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wear a beautiful wedding dress #bucketlist #wear #beautiful #wedding #dress #future

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✔ done! My family, friends, and I threw surprise parties for my mom, dad, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, and some of my best friends. They also did one for me! #lovemyfamily

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