• Lacy Bates

    Exactly!!! I know who my true friends are. Real friends stick by your side through everything and tell you the truth even if it hurts. I strive to be that kind of friend too!

  • Jeannette (Hull) Tramm

    Everytime I see a best friend quote it always reminds me of my best friend. she's been with me through anything and everything. To hell and back! But, I can not ask for a better best friend! Thankfully with age comes the wisdom and the knowledge to know true friendship rather than the habit that was thought to be a friendship.

  • Sophie Garcia


  • Nancy Hawkinson

    very true friendship quote

  • Olivia Moody

    so true! love my bestfriend!

  • ✝☪Satan☪✝

    I always thought it was who known you longer... but through past experiences, i know this is the real truth. I love you, and you're like a sister to me.

  • Michelle Brennan

    👭#friendship #best friends #so true!!! 👭

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