3-D Shapes

FREE pieces to create a solid figures color-coordinated anchor chart for the classroom

3D Shapes Chart

parts of a 3D shape foldable also #7 is good for ordering fractions and for timelines!

3-D Shapes

3-Dimensional Shapes

FREE geometry cards

Subtraction Poem

3-d shapes

K is for Kindergarten

2D shapes

3d shapes

Toothpick shapes with marshmallows. Could do this with both 2D and 3D shapes.

Graphing Shapes!

3D Shapes Anchor Chart

Hundreds Chart Teaching Tool

Teacher of Scholars: Anchor Chart Preview and Math Strategies

Lil' Country Kindergarten: 3D Shapes Poem {Freebie}. May be for younger kids, but I think it's a great poster for upper elementary math walls, too!

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Comparing Fractions anchor chart